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For BETTY SAENZ, it’s important to stay connected to the PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE of the Lone Star State.

Saying that Betty Saenz is deeply rooted in Texas heritage would be quite an understatement, indeed. Her family connections date back to the days of the Republic, well before Texas was even a state. Several homes within the family lineage have been preserved and are open today as museums—including the Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture in New Braunfels. “I’m very proud to be a Texan, born and bred,” Betty says. “I love being connected to the past, present and future of this great state.”

Texas Pride

Betty’s family settled in the Austin area in the 1870s, so she feels an especially strong connection to this community. She remembers playing in Waller Creek here in Austin while growing up, exploring the trails all the way from Hancock Golf Course to UT. Betty always had an interest in nature and enjoyed learning about various plants and wildlife in different regions. In fact, the yard of her current home is registered as a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.® And, of course, it should come as no surprise that animals—especially horses—have always been a vital part of Betty’s life.

Though she spent a great deal of time in historic homes and on the Raetzsch Ranch—the family’s 1000-plus acre ranch in the Sand Hills near Seguin—it wasn’t until later in life that Betty fully grasped how meaningful her roots were. Ever since, she’s been researching her ancestry voraciously and has amassed a near-encyclopedic knowledge of all things Texas. Photography is yet another passion of Betty’s. Whether it’s pictures she takes herself while exploring or old photos that she unearths during her historic research, she loves any image that captures a small piece of Texas or part of her family heritage.


Expert Guide

As you can see, Betty has a well-rounded perspective that shapes her dynamic approach to real estate. Naturally, she specializes in historic homes and horse properties, which are often one in the same in several of the Austin area’s distinctive ranch communities. Check out Betty’s Historic Homes website or Horse Properties for more details. Betty also holds designation as an EcoBroker®. Whether you are looking for a modern Net Zero greenbuilt home or are planning to incorporate eco-friendly ideas into a historic home restoration, Click Here to see how Betty can help you maximize your energy efficiency while minimizing your carbon footprint.

No matter what your real estate needs, you can count on Betty to be there for you with expert guidance and a truly caring touch. Though much of her personal interests have led her to study the past, she is squarely focused on your future when helping you buy or sell your historic home or horse property. “I’m passionate about what I do because I love the types of homes I deal with and I share a strong connection with the people I am able to serve,” Betty says. “The inspiration is always there.”

On Your Side

If you are buying or selling a historic home, horse property or eco-friendly residence, turn to the expert real estate guide with true Texas pride. Contact Betty Saenz today and make the most of your next move!